What Makes Us Unique


Our company Health Addicts is a wholesaler and online retailer of premium quality vegan supplements.  We are proudly Australian owned and operated on Sydney’s, Northern Beaches. Founded by Owner and Qualified Nutritionist, Tommy Azimi, established in 2014.  We source 100% natural and/or certified organic ingredients and our packaging, from a small network of Australian suppliers who we work closely with and who we trust.  The health and environmental benefits of our range puts ethical and social responsibility at the heart of everything we do.  When you choose a product from Tommy’s Health Addicts range, we thank you for supporting Australian Small Business.


Tommy has been involved in Health and Nutrition Retail Management since 1985, and as a Qualified Nutritionist since 2000, started his career in New York, United States and continuing his deep passion in the last decade in Sydney, Australia.  Tommy is very passionate and dedicated to helping people with a wide range of health conditions, and has helped many people of all ages to achieve their optimal nutritional health and well-being. Tommy’s personal health and vegan journey started more than three decades ago, and our business is a personification of his high ethics, beliefs and values.  Integrity and kindness far outweighs wealth for the founder, Tommy, for whom he is the company’s ambassador and products are named. But, what he loves the most are the many, many customers who tell him that their health has improved and changed for the better as a direct impact from his guidance, positivity and expert advice.  His philosophy is ‘If you were not born with it, it’s a disorder and not a disease, so it’s fixable’.


We are 100% committed to providing the purest, high quality products and processes. It is very important to us -  it’s a guarantee of authenticity and integrity. Our belief in the values and principles of organics - All our organic ingredients, from paddock to blender, and our suppliers manufacturing facility have a full and stringent audit annually to assure you that raw materials have undergone the most in depth and rigorous certification process.  Our organic certified ingredients used are sourced from farmers that follow the best organic farming; grown and produced without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and genetic engineering (GMO’s).  This holistic approach requires products to be 100% natural, every step of the process with a fully traceable and transparent supply chain.  By using more natural practices our organic production protects wildlife, promotes biodiversity, provides environmental sustainability and helps to maintain and improve native eco systems in an ethical and socially responsible manner.


We are very passionate and dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing under the highest quality standards.  We use Australian Certified Organic ingredients in our plant-based protein powders with each batch of organic ingredients traceable back to its origin. Food traceability starts from the soil on the farm and continues through all stages of procurement, production and distribution.  All our ingredients are heavily tested and have a full and stringent audit.  Sourced from farmers that follow the best organic farming practices in an environment free from chemicals and pesticides; to ensure you receive genuine and authentic ingredients.


With pride and passion, we aim to reduce allergens as far as possible.  All our ingredients are 100% natural, GMO FREE, and free from anything artificial.   We are one of the rare production facilities in Australia which only produces plant-based products; Vegan Friendly, 100% dairy FREE, 100% egg FREE, 100% nut FREE and 100% Soy FREE.  We believe in producing products that are made to the highest standard possible, and our products are made in our own manufacturing facility, giving us control over every aspect of production.


Our plant-based range is better-for-you, clean and tasty.  Our high quality ingredients are 100% natural and/or organic, selected based on their functionality, effectiveness and used in viable percentages.  We believe in potency as opposed to label claims.  We do not add fillers and additives to bulk up the volume of our products, and we only use concentrations that are results driven. All our products are made with purpose and integrity, and no short cuts are made to cut costs.  You can always trust that our products are made with the best ingredients and our entire range is free from chemicals and heavily tested.  We have many people from all walks of life who have chosen to use our products with great results.


Everything we package is with care and love, in a facility which only produces 100% plant-based and natural products.  Our products are packed in paper satchels which are recyclable, and pharmaceutical grade tubs which are both reusable and recyclable.  We also recycle the boxes that our orders are delivered in, to our Retailers.  In a further effort to become more environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of plastic, we are also slowly discontinuing the serving spoons included in all our products.


We support and associate our superior brand with exclusive Health Food Stores and Pharmacies that have professional Naturopaths, Nutritionists, and Health Practitioners who are able to provide you with natural health solutions and expert advice to suit your body’s needs.


It’s not our goal to turn the world vegan;  that is an unrealistic goal.  The big win is to get everyone to eat more healthy and eat more plants.  It helps the planet and human health, amongst other ethical benefits including animal rights and the environment.