Tommy's Story




Welcome to Health Addicts!


Wholesalers of premium quality vegan supplements, proudly Australian owned and operated on the beautiful Northern Beaches, Sydney.  Our family business was founded in 2014, by qualified Nutritionist, and dedicated Vegan, Thomas Azimi.

Tommy has been involved in Health and Nutrition Retail Management since 1985, and as a Qualified Nutritionist since 2000; starting his career in New York, United States and continuing his deep passion in the last decade in Sydney, Australia.  So he understands first hand the importance of nutritious food, high quality supplements, and how they can make a monumental change to your life and completely overhaul your health and well-being.

Our business was born out of kindness and compassion.  The desire to help others on their quest for optimal health and happiness.  Throughout his career, he has helped people of all ages - from babies and children who have had intolerances or allergies, to assisting the elderly maintain adequate nutrition in order to remain strong and independent.  He has also helped people suffering a litany of illnesses and disorders, digestive and gut issues, weight management (to lose or to gain), helped lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, depression and anxiety, physical and mental fatigue. and assisted with pre-surgery preparation and post surgery recovery.

Tommy’s personal health and vegan journey started more than three decades ago, and our business is a personification of his high ethics, beliefs and values.  Integrity and kindness far outweighs wealth for the founder, Tommy, for whom he is the company’s ambassador and products are named.

When Tommy arrived in Australia to visit his childhood best friend, in 2010, as soon as he stepped on the tarmac at Sydney Airport, he fell in love with Australia.  The land, the people and it's diverse culture.  At that split moment, he decided to call Australia home and he quickly cancelled his return flight to the US..  Within a few short months he became the Store Manager at Mr Vitamins, Chatswood, where he initially bought his first plant-based protein powder.   Inspired by his daily customer interactions he developed quite a huge following and people were wanting and needing particularly high quality supplements, that at the time, were not available.

His question became 'how could I leverage my extensive knowledge, experience and skills to help humanity?

The word 'humanity' is from the Latin word 'humanitis' meaning human, nature and kindness.  These three building blocks are the foundation of his core values so, a few years later, when opportunity arose he decided to take a leap in creating a business with 'humanity' in mind.  Focusing on protein powders and amino acids, Tommy set out to formulate and create his own holistic, naturopathic, evidence-based, wholefood health supplements which were 100% natural, 100% vegan, highest quality ingredients with nothing artificial of any kind.  The Health Addicts range was born, and became an instant hit!  People were thrilled with the results, and it quickly highlighted how powerful supplements can be if 100% natural and used correctly.

That was then, and this is now!  Tommy embraces the ethos of quality care, ethical practice and being approachable.  In conjunction with Health Addicts, Tommy manages Vitamin & Supplement store a few days a week, and you can meet Tommy at Dr Earth - Neutral Bay on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, where people travel far and wide to seek his expert advice delivered in a kind and easy to understand manner.
We thank kindly all our customers and Health Practitioners, along the way, who have been extremely supportive and continue to embrace the importance of nutrition and its pivotal role in gaining optimal health and well-being; the essential ingredients for quality of life.
Tommy's philosophy is ‘If you were not born with it, it’s a disorder and not a disease, so it’s fixable’.