Meet Tommy

Founder – Nutritionist – Vegan

Tommy has been involved in Health and Nutrition Retail Management since 1985, and as a Qualified Nutritionist since 2000, started his career in New York, United States and continuing his deep passion in the last decade in Sydney, Australia.

Tommy is very passionate and dedicated to helping people with a wide range of health conditions, and has helped many people of all ages to achieve their optimal nutritional health and well-being. Tommy’s personal health and vegan journey started more than three decades ago, and our business is a personification of his high ethics, beliefs and values.

Integrity and kindness far outweighs wealth for the founder, Tommy, for whom he is the company’s ambassador and products are named. But, what he loves the most are the many, many customers who tell him that their health has improved and changed for the better as a direct impact from his guidance, positivity and expert advice.

His philosophy is ‘If you were not born with it, it’s a disorder and not a disease, so it’s fixable’.